Another Good Morning



Once upon a time I co-starred in a movie called Goldenrod which was filmed in and around Calgary, Alberta.


It had a theatrical release in Canada (I think), and was shown in the USA on CBS-TV.



I was 14 years old.


Because of Canadian rules about airing a certain percentage of  shows which have been produced in Canada, it still can be seen from time to time on Canadian TV.


One of the producers had a daughter whom I met on the set when she visited from Toronto.


Although it seemed unlikely at the time — since I lived in New York and Connecticut while she lived in Canada — Sarah James and I have remained friends ever since.


She still lives in Toronto, and like her father (and mother) she works in film and TV production.


For the past few years she’s been helping to create Canada’s version of the TV show The Amazing Race.


She and her husband — who among other things is a wonderful musician who has taught himself how to build ukuleles! — and daughter live in a sweet house with a small garden out back which ends at a garage.


Above the garage is an office/guest bedroom where I love to sleep and read and write songs when I visit them.


I started writing “Another Good Morning” a couple of springs ago.


The sun was shining.


Birds were singing.


And Sarah was making breakfast for all of us.


It is what I call a “gets-me-out-of-bed-in-the-morning” song.


I have probably mentioned this type of song before in this blog, because — in the spirit of “teach what you most want to learn” — I end up writing a lot of songs with upbeat messages.


Because I need them….to muster a little bit of optimism before I head out into the day.


As you have probably already guessed, I continue to love the photo site Pixabay.


I send a huge thank you to all the folks who have shared their lovely images there!


I do not own a cell phone or carry a camera…


But I appreciate those who do.


THANK YOU for reading and listening.


PS: The pianist on this song is the multi-gifted Doug Hammer, and we recorded it at his studio in Lynn, MA earlier this year. It is one of many we will be performing on April 30, 2016 at Third Life Studio in Somerville, MA.

22 thoughts on “Another Good Morning

  1. You sing very well Will. As a matter of fact it reminded me of one of the classical songs of the old. The song is very meaningful too.
    Great job and the pictures are amazing as well. Beautifully captured.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and listen, Whitneyibeblog!!! As you may have noticed from other blog entries, I love the “classical songs” from the 1920s-1970s or thereabouts; so your compliment is high praise indeed. Sharing my original songs with the rest of the world is currently where I am scared of “getting in the game…”

      • Don’t be scared Will. If I loved it just listening to it for the first time, then be rest assured that people who truly knows and appreciates good musics would also love.
        You’ve got to give it a try. I’ll be here to support and listen to them too. ❤️❤️

  2. This was so wonderful Will and your beautiful song and message reached me at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing this with me and allowing your beautiful voice to carry me to a place of beauty and wonder. Hugs

  3. I do not know the reason but I was unable to play this. The counter never moved but it showed lines like it was trying to connect. Perhaps it’s my player but I have no problem playing your sampler music on the right side of the page. Obviously Barbara (previous comment) was able to play it. I’ll keep trying. I do love the story and the photos.

    • Hi, again, Phyllis: I just checked to see if I could listen to it, and was able to hear it using my relatively old laptop computer and a Google Chrome browser. Maybe if you try a different browser it will play? But since you CAN play the songs in the side bar, that may not be the issue… These computer-related glitches can be very frustrating, but then I remind myself that It’s a small miracle that the internet works at all. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. THANK YOU for attempting to listen to my original song!

      • I’m really just learning this new pc. I do have Google Chrome and I’ll try using that. Seems I remember having to use it on my old computer for some audio and video. Thanks. I do so love the music you share. I did check out your youtube link. You look like you belong on stage. My son was an actor in our local community theatre. He was in 5 plays which did very well. I may be biased, but I thought he was great. He died at age 31 but did enjoy a wonderful life. My brother also acted in several plays in Dallas. I could never get up on a stage, so I was jealous of their ability to shine.

      • THANK YOU for persevering so that you could listen to it — and for liking it! I end up writing a lot of what I call “helps me get out of bed in the morning” songs, because I often need help mustering enthusiasm to get out of bed and seize (gently) the day… I am very grateful for your enthusiastic praise. It gives me fuel to keep writing more songs!

      • I am very sorry to read about your son’s death (way too young…) but glad to know that he shined on stage in your community. Sounds like he took after your brother — or at least shared some of his ability to get up on stage! I am very happy these days to be sharing musical programs in assisted living centers and public libraries where there is usually no stage; so we are all on the same level (literally) together. I encourage everyone to hum, sing, snap, tap (etc.) along if the spirit moves them. More and more I enjoy everyone making music together — rather than certain people being on stage and making music while other people sit quietly and watch them. Isn’t WordPress fascinating the way that we are able to meet new people and sometimes share little pieces of our lives and hearts with each other?

      • I do love WordPress. It has been an outlet for me which is different from other social outlets. I gravitate to artists, cooks, photographers, authors, and others. I particularly love reading what the youngest generation thinks, and often remember it’s not much different from when I was young. I’m also crazy about music which is why I usually add a song that relates to what I”m writing.
        It’s wonderful you give back by visiting the elderly and give them motivation and enjoyment at the same time. I follow another wordpresser who has been doing that for years with crafting.
        Occasionally I get a bit political, but keep a non-confrontational generalized observance of government in general. Nature, faith and plain everyday living are mostly what I write about, be it an article or poetry.
        I’ve been writing as an extension of keeping a journal for most of my life. I’ve also had an extraordinary life which someday I’ll share parts of in fictional work.
        I’m so glad to get to know you. It’s fantastic to get a glimpse of the lives of others and there are so many people on here from Africa, Great Britain, Turkey, Iran, China, Indonesia and on and on and on. I’ve never traveled much except the U.S and Mexico.

  4. I agree! I do not travel much at all — yet get glimpses into people’s lives and trips all around this planet we all live on via WordPress. Like the very industrious and creative squirrels in your yard! It is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance.

  5. What exquisite photos, Will! And your enduring friendship with Sarah and her family is a true treasure, how wonderful to have your own guest room in which to sleep and compose. I would love a getaway like that, the perfect writing retreat! As a garden and wildlife lover and grower of roses (although have had to leave many of my beauties behind when we moved last year, and so am starting over, as I have done so many times…ahhh…) I am in awe of the gorgeous images here…and the snail and squirrels too, delightful! And last but definitely not least, your song is quite magical and has indeed helped me start my day with renewed optimism, despite it being lunchtime as I type this! I am not a morning person, so say no more! Beautiful song. Lovely post, Will, thank you so much for sharing it with me. Have a wonderful week 🙂 Sherri

  6. I’m just starting my day here in Massachusetts; so your enthusiasm is a welcome tonic!!! Now let’s put in a few minutes/hours on our creative undertakings…

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