Will McMillan has been singing in many different contexts — guitar duos, jazz trios, rock bands, pops orchestras, a cappella choirs, musical theater — over the course of his life on planet earth.

To get a taste of his music, you are welcome to use the MP3 player on the right hand side of this page.

You can also check out his videos on YouTube by clicking here.

To learn more about Will, please visit his website by clicking here.

Info about the songs included in the MP3 player:

“I’ll Be Here With You” (David Friedman), “If I Loved You” (Rodgers & Hammerstein), “Dog At The Pound” (Babbie Green), and “What Is This Thing Called Love?” (Cole Porter) are all from a CD, If I Loved You Will recorded with singer Bobbi Carrey and pianist Doug Hammer. You can click here to buy any of them (and 11 additional tracks) from iTunes.

“That’ll Do” (Randy Newman), “Wives & Lovers/Comin’ Round Again” (Bachrach & David/Carly Simon), and “Journey To The Past” (Flaherty & Ahrens) are from a CD Reel One Will recorded with singers Nina Vansuch, Michael Ricca and singer/pianist/arranger Brian Patton. You can order this CD (14 tracks total) from CD Baby and listen to more songs by clicking here.

“Do I Love You, Do I?” (Cole Porter), “I’m Old Fashioned” (Kern & Mercer), “Who Cares?” (Gershwin Brothers), “The Way You Love Tonight” (Kern & Fields), “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” (Kern & Harbach) are from a CD Sketchbook #1 recorded with pianist/composer Steve Sweeting. It is currently not available for purchase.

“Lord of The Dance/Tis A Gift” is a medley Will recorded with friends Patty Barkas (vocals), Jonathan Keezing (guitar), Robert M (bass) and Jere Faison (engineer/co-producer). It is also currently not available for purchase.

More songs will be added from time to time!

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for this, Will! I have had two lovely experiences where ukelele novices played the six or so songs they had learned and slowly drew everyone in the room into singing along. Magical! Years ago I sold my guitar to my roommate’s son because he loved it and I wasn’t using it. Perhaps a uke would be a good start on the road back to making some sweet lonesome music a few others could join in on.

    • There is a large and friendly and active ‘ukulele meetup group in the Boston area. Newcomers are always welcome (I know from relatively recent experience…) I also have two ‘ukuleles at home right now, and I’d be happy to hang out for an hour and help you begin to play some super simple arrangements of fun singalong songs. For example, there are many songs by the Beatles which are, happily, not too difficult to stumble through. And a perfectly serviceable ‘uke can be purchased for $40 or so.

  2. Excellent. I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go. Not in a stalker kind of way.
    May your life be filled with birdsong always-

    • Yippee! Is there an official thing I need to do within WordPress to follow your blog? Or did I accomplish this goal when I signed up using the email widget on the right hand side of your page?

      • I think you are all set. You may get tired of me, though, as I post every day. If you decide to sign off and just bookmark me, I will understand. 🙂 Some folks follow me @lunastella1blog, but so far I don’t tweet anything extra besides the blog posts.

  3. Hi 🙂

    I couldn’t find a ‘contact’ feature on your site; I hope you don’t mind me making this ‘comment’ (you can always delete it!)

    I have a favour to ask…

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to reach folks who don’t have their Gravatars set up in the way I suggest in my ‘Using Gravatar…’ post. It’s catch-22: when I see a Gravatar that’s not set up, I usually have no way to contact that person to suggest that they visit that article!

    So, in order to stretch the reach of this post, I would be most grateful if you would consider linking to, or even ‘reblogging’ the article.

    As a reminder, it’s here:

    Thanks very much for listening!

    (s) ‘pendantry’

  4. Will,

    Now we’re connected via my blog and yours. I really liked your photo essay on our politics and war—and now I have the additional pleasure of hearing you sing! What a treat: a Renaissance man!
    I look forward to sharing comments on our blog posts.

  5. I have a great love for songs written from 1920s-1960s (and also lots written since then, too.) I am always gently amazed when someone actually spends time on my blog. THANK YOU for listening and reading!

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