Ode To Water


We’ve been having an unusually warm January in New England this year…


So far we have experienced as much rain as snow…


I prefer rain to snow because I don’t have to shovel outside the karate studio where I lead Music Together classes three mornings each week.


Most of us burn fewer fossil fuels as a result of warmer winter temperatures — and save a little money on our heating bills.


One weekend the temperature hit 70 degrees Farenheit (21 degrees Celsius) — an all-time high for Boston in January!


I don’t know if any of our local turtles dug their way out of the mud thinking it was spring…


But there was a fair amount of spring-like frolicking in the greater Boston area — although maybe not quite as enthusiastically as these folks…


I wrote this song several years ago while camping in North Truro on Cape Cod.


As regular readers of my blog posts already know, I LOVE spending time at the North Of Highland camping area.


One of my favorite parts of camping there is how everyone gains — or regains — a deep appreciation for the preciousness of water.


All of the faucets in the bathrooms shut off after a second or two to encourage us not to waste water while brushing our teeth, washing our hands, or shaving.


And we have to carry water — for drinking and cooking and washing dishes after our meals — in big plastic jugs from centrally located cabins (which have bathrooms, showers, and outdoor spigots) down to our camp sites.


So we become very aware of how much water we use all day long — such as boiling pasta for dinner or rinsing a soapy pot afterwards.


We are a short walk away from the Atlantic ocean, which is another mesmerizing manifestation of water on planet earth.


I tend to go to the beach in the late afternoon, when the sun is less powerful and the beach starts to become less crowded with other human beings.


And then there are clouds — another form of water…


How weird and amazing that water molecules are constantly cycling around our planet — from the sky to the earth to plants (and the animals who consume plants) and then back into the sky!


And water is such an important substance in our bodies…


Blood is flowing through my arteries and veins as I sit and type this blog post — and through your arteries and veins as you are reading it…


Water is an important component of all sort of secretions which our bodies produce — and which in some cases allow for the reproduction of our species.


And plants, bless them, create delicious fruits — containing lots of water — as part of their reproductive cycles.


The more I explored Pixabay, the more glorious images related to water I found…


Ocean waves…


Cups of tea…








Splashing hands…



ladybug-574971_1920 (1)

Water slides…

lake-2755907_1920 (1)















More waterfalls…








Jelly fish…


More glaciers…


Mountain tops…


Impressionistic ripples…


Otherworldly reflections…






Hot springs…


And ice crystals…

Thank you to Doug Hammer for playing piano and co-producing the version of “Ode To Water” featured at the start of this blog post.

Thank you to the photographers who share their glorious images with Pixabay.

And thank YOU for reading and listening to another one of my blog posts!

67 thoughts on “Ode To Water

    • Thank you, Cindy! It is an unexpected pleasure to develop such lovely acquaintanceships with my fellow bloggers! I receive/accept your love wholeheartedly and gratefully.

    • Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback!!! I have been told by smart, far-thinking fellow human beings, that access to clean, potable water will become more and more of a challenge in the years ahead here on planet earth. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. So, yes, let us be grateful — right here and right now — for blessings like drinkable water flowing into our homes on a daily basis!

    • Yes!!! I enjoyed creating this post because it reminded me of how amazing water is (which is also what moved me to write the song several years ago). It’s easy — with the barrage of news and opinion and propaganda/advertising coming at us every day — for me to forget to count my blessings… Hurrah for water!!! And thank you for reading/listening!!!

    • Hurrah for drinking more water! I am curious to learn what — if any — changes you notice as a result. Thank you for reading and listening to my blog post — and for your kind words of praise.

  1. Thank you for your lovely post on something so many of us take for granted. And for your lovely song, as well!
    And of course, we came from the water, and I suppose end up in it, too, eventually. . .

  2. One thing I think about from time to time is how all the water we use has been recycled from the very beginning. I started to read a book called Caesar’s Last Breath which is all about the air we breathe, and of course air often has some moisture in it, too. The air, the water, the elements so essential for our life, we share not just with the people currently living, but all of those (including Julius Caesar) who ever lived on the earth, and those who will come after.

    As it is constantly dispersed and mixed up by winds and ocean currents and rivers, there’s no telling just which humans we are intimate with in this fundamental way that seems a good picture of our coinherence one with another.

    Whatever pollutants may be in it, the H20 itself is always the same stuff that is perfect for us. Thank you for this exploration and the photo collection!

  3. YES!!! That was one other observation I was hoping to articulate in my post and then decided I had rambled on long enough. The way elements recycle and re-combine here on planet earth is AMAZING!!!! I love being reminded that particles of water in my body RIGHT NOW are connected through history with so many other beings (Caesar, mastadons, dinosaurs, passenger pigeons…) who have come before us. Thank you for reading/listening to my blog post AND for leaving such an inspiring comment.

  4. Thank you for the song, Doug Hammer’s piano playing, and the great array of photos. Among the pictures, I especially loved the snail and the young men playing in mud. Too funny!

    • You are very welcome!!! Maybe it’s time to release a bunch of my songs into the universe of zeros and ones via CD Baby (who will then share them with Pandora, Spotify, ITunes, et al). I truly appreciate your ongoing support and enthusiasm!!!

    • A tapping toe is high praise!!! Your spontaneous singing makes me think I may need to record some water echoes for the chorus (which is how I encourage people to participate when I perform it live…) THANK YOU for this lovely feedback!

    • Thank you for giving my song(s) such enthusiastic listenings a year and a half ago. Since then I have learned how to release/distribute a bunch of them to various digital music platforms such as Spotify and Pandora… I hope you remain well after this past year of COVID and political unrest.

  5. Water is fascinating stuff. And the fact that it freezes from the top down rather than the bottom up means that life itself can exist. We’ve found water on other planets (even including our Moon): I wonder if we’ll find that life exists wherever water does?

    • Yes! I remember learning in high school about how vital that characteristic of water can be to the health of lakes and ponds. When winter ice (floating on the surface) melts in the springtime, the colder/denser water descends and creates a circular movement which stirs up the lake/pond. And the interplay of major heating and cooling patterns of water around the entire planet create/influence our global weather patterns to a significant degree, right? On this planet, anyways, water is a major factor in life existing and evolving!

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