Humpty Dumpty


This summer I was able to slow down and take a break from the daily avalanche of news for a couple of weeks.

I was even able to pause and wonder — with some empathy — about how one becomes a person like the current president of the USA.


And then I found myself writing a song called “Humpty Dumpty.”


I reminded myself that our current president was once a newborn baby.


What happened to him?


How did he learn so little about empathy?


How was he treated by his parents and other family members?


What was it like being sent to a military boarding school at age 13?





If one didn’t already know how to fight, then I suppose that would be
a place to learn how…


As an adult, his goals seem to have been to make money, become famous,
and acquire power.


And he certainly has succeeded.


He has become the center of attention in many different — and increasingly dangerous — ways.


I deeply and truly hope that the democratic structures which still exist here in the USA are able to withstand the onslaught of his presidency.


His latest decision to withdraw US troops from Syria — which left our Kurdish allies vulnerable to Turkish military forces — seems particularly misguided and heart-breaking.


All I can see is deadly ripples spreading from this decision for days and weeks and years to come…

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

An impeachment inquiry has begun in the US House of Representatives.


And last night 12 Democratic presidential candidates participated in a debate about the future of our country — and how our actions ripple around the planet.

Another deep breath in.

And out.

I do believe that folks who commit crimes and who abuse power eventually fall off their proverbial walls…


This is often the result of tremendously courageous whistleblowers and journalists and editors and lawyers and media organizations.

Recently I heard an extraordinary interview with Ronan Farrow by Terry Gross on the NPR radio program Fresh Air about his most recent book, Catch and Kill.

Among other things, he explains how people — often men — with money and power work together to keep each other’s secrets hidden.

You can click here for a link to a review/explanation of the book if you are curious.

Farrow ends the interview by saying how he remains hopeful even though he has born witness to — and experienced himself directly — intense bullying, surveillance, and threats of retribution during the process of researching and writing his book.


I end this blog post, as I ended my “Humpty Dumpty” song, with a hope that many of us will remain engaged with our country’s political process and vote in the upcoming election cycle.


And I remain grateful to the Pixabay website — where I found all of the images used in this blog post.

And to the folks in my ukulele meetup group who liked this song when I played it for them a couple of weeks ago and asked me to make a recording of it.

And to Apple for their wonderful program GarageBand, which is what I used to record it.

And to you for reading and listening to yet another blog post!


25 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty

  1. This was awesome!!! Thank you! Ksenia

    On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 9:26 PM amusicalifeonplanetearth wrote:

    > willedare posted: ” This summer I was able to slow down and take a break > from the daily avalanche of news for a couple of weeks. I was even able to > pause and wonder — with some empathy — about how one becomes a person like > the current president of the USA. And ” >

  2. A very well laid out post Will with some deeply thought provoking statements at the end. Yes, the president was once a boy and now he’s a man wielding ungodly power. Save us all. Hope you’re well.

    • Hi, Miriam. Thank you for reading and listening and responding! I need more time with the natural world (he typed while sitting at a computer…) I hope that you continue to re-charge your spiritual batteries with camping adventures in your neck of the woods. My main connection with the natural world this fall has been a very generous volunteer cherry tomato plant which sprouted and thrived in a new swale constructed at the end of my street to lessen stormwater from rushing into our local wetlands and waterways. No one else seems to be harvesting its tasty little tomatoes… Hurrah that it chose to sprout from seeds which flowed down the street from someone’s garden/compost pile!

  3. I had sympathy for ‘Humpty Dumpty’ (poor hapless egg) as a child.
    As a child I was all about that ‘Emperor Who Had No Clothes.’ I never felt sorry for the emperor when he walked proudly naked through the streets and was jeered at, because his ego was so much bigger than his reality.
    Now Donny Boy is the ultimate emperor.
    And of course, with him.
    Maybe impeachment might work. I doubt it.
    But Ronan Farrow’s book was just published. Trumpty Dumpty should be scared of Ronan Farrow.
    I do get why Ronan went to university at age 11.

  4. Hi Will, how are you (aside from our country at the brink of destruction)? You express this well–once the horror in the White House was a baby and a child. I only had a chance to hear part of the Fresh Air episode when it was on, but I will definitely listen to it. I’ve been working on a reference book on sexual harassment–just completed the manuscript yesterday–so, of course, I’m familiar with Farrow’s work. As Cindy says, I’ve thought of dt as the Emperor without clothes because of all the people who have refused to see he’s naked, but just on humoring him. I like your song, but my older daughter, now grown, still has her beloved “Humpty, so Humpty means something else to me. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading and listening. Hurrah for completing the manuscript of a reference book about sexual harassment! The more I learn about Mr. Farrow, the more grateful I become that he has chosen to explore, expose, and explain these recent stories of power and corruption. What his most recent book demonstrates is how sometimes the silence can be due to an interlocking web of secrets which many would prefer to remain hidden. That’s my latest guess about why so many folks in power in our congress continue to remain silent… Deep breath in. Deep breath out. ps: Here’s a paragraph from a recent interview with Mr. Farrow in Vanity Fair: “It’s the playbook of digging in and hoping the storm will pass, even when the facts have been presented, even when the public has decided they understand the facts, and there are tough questions being asked. For a certain kind of privileged guy who grew up in a certain era and is used to possessing power without challenge, there is a belief that you can always weather the storm. And I’ve been really inspired to see people refusing to stop the storm.”

      • Thank you. Yes indeed lot of deep breaths.
        There are so many find investigative journalists–Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey who broke the Weinstein story in the NY Times, also have a book out called, “She Said.” It’s excellent.

    • I agree. I try to remind myself of the wisdom stories from different cultures, where something bad happens and then events change and that seemingly bad thing suddenly becomes a good thing… and on and on. The concept of yin and yang seems always to unfolding here on planet earth — inside of what appears to be bad is a little bit of something good, inside of what appears to be good is a little bit of bad… And then, with 20/20 hindsight, one can see the complete story many years after the fact. Thank you for reading and listening and commenting!

  5. Another insightful piece Will. It’s so fitting, and Humpty Dumpty is the perfect meme. But if it becomes too much (and it is) here’s a little mantra I use frequently: Keep calm and pretend it’s the 60s. ✌️💜

    • Thank you for reading and listening, Jane! There were certainly a lot of intense events unfolding in the 1960s — and we got through them. Or at least some of us did. And I DO remind myself to be grateful that we have not had a presidential assassination in recent years, for example. Or a civil war (if one looks much further back into our country’s history…)

    • Thanks for reading and listening, KerryCan. I spend a fair amount of time with very small children (including infants) in my music classes; so I suppose that influences my thinking in many ways — such as reminding myself that presidents were once babies. According to a bunch of scientists, there is much we human beings need to change about how we live our lives in the next decade if the little children in my music classes are going to lead lives which include more balanced and intact ecosystems/weather patterns. A scary and intense time not just for the USA but for all living beings on planet earth… Deep breath in. Deep breath out. What can each of us do TODAY to consume fewer fossil fuels, for example. And use less plastic (which is usually made from fossil fuels, I think…) Deep breath in. Deep breath out. What vision do we have for the future and which political candidate(s) might be able to help lead us in that direction? Maybe donate $5 of the money we didn’t spend (by choosing not to drive our car for a day, perhaps?) to one of those political candidates? Just thinking out loud as I write back to you…

  6. Hi Will! Finally finished my work and had a chance to listen. Very interesting and thoughtful take on DT. Kudos to you for reaching for some empathy in this song, such a difficult thing to do when the person in question is doing so much harm. Most songwriters would focus on anger and not see beyond to the disturbed child within. Your challenging lyrics made me confront this. Gorgeous vocals too.

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